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RAQIB – The Hajj Tracker

September 11th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “RAQIB – The Hajj Tracker”


The Purpose

It was during the Umrah pilgrimage in early February 2018, when I encountered an incident whereby the Officer-in-charge of the Umrah Travel Agency has issues of finding one missing Pilgrim. All of us are already on the bus preparing for one of our tours waiting for the rest of the pilgrims (we called Jemaah) to board the bus that morning.

The missing person is an old lady that travels with his son. They were separated when returning from the Masjidilharam Mosque after the Suboh prayers. The son thought her mother has already returned to the hotel but she was not there and she doesn’t carry any phone to make contact.

We told the son to stay put at the hotel and wait for her but he was so worried and would like to try to find her at the Mosque. That’s the dilemma whenever we faced such a situation of missing pilgrims because the Mosque is such a huge place with many floors and doors. We cautioned the son because she might return to the hotel room and see nobody’s there and will go out again to find her son. Chances of both of them to meet will be very slim.

However, to cut the story short, his mother returned to the hotel while the son is still in the room and all of us have the tour that morning despite waiting for about an hour for the case to settle.

Another incident occurred, when we stopped at Hudaibiyah for another tour. One of the tour members was left behind and nobody realized him until both buses were already 5 km away from the place we stopped. Thus, one of the buses has to make another trip to pick him up.

Solving the Problem

These are examples of missing pilgrims during a single trip and frequently happen to any Umrah trips. It’s a difficult task for the Mutawwifs of the Travel Agencies to continuously monitor their pilgrims. Umrah period is about 9 months in a year as compared to Hajj period of 2-3 months. Both have different sets of missing pilgrims problems. However, until today there’s no solution that is able to manage the pilgrims and monitoring their whereabouts.

After my return from Umrah, we have the mission to solve this missing pilgrim issues and help the Travel Agencies to manage their pilgrims in a systematic manner. Thus, we designed and develop Raqib solutions for Hajj and Umrah. In August 2018, we have Raqib users performed their Hajj and the family members have peace of mind when they can remotely monitor from the Raqib mobile app.

RAQIB Availability

RAQIB is now available in Malaysia. FAVORIOT has introduced the RAQIB Referral Program end of August 2018. Check out the RAQIB Resources for more details.

Raqib – Your Hajj and Umrah Companion

May 30th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Raqib – Your Hajj and Umrah Companion”


Raqib – Official Video


Raqib – Animated Video


Raqib – Features

RAQIB Availability

RAQIB is now available in Malaysia. FAVORIOT has introduced the RAQIB Referral Program end of August 2018. Check out the RAQIB Resources for more details.

Raqib Is The Companion You Need During Your Hajj & Umrah

May 24th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Raqib Is The Companion You Need During Your Hajj & Umrah”

Raqib will be one of the first IoT solutions for Hajj and Umrah developed by FAVORIOT, an IoT Startup from Malaysia.

Every year, more than 2.3 Million people will congregate to Mecca and perform their Hajj – most likely for the first time in their life. It’s expected during the 4-5 days of the peak period, pilgrims will travel from Mina to Arafah to Mudzalifah and Mina again, the place will be packed with almost 6 people per square kilometer.

In 2015 stampede tragedy, at least 1,621 people killed, as hundreds still reportedly remain missing. Iran says it had 465 pilgrims killed, while Egypt lost 182, Nigeria 168 and Indonesia 126. Others include India with 114, Pakistan with 100, Bangladesh with 92, Mali with 70, Senegal with 54, Benin with 51, Cameroon with 42, Morocco with 33, Ethiopia with 31, Sudan with 30, Algeria with 25, Ghana with 12, Chad with 11, Kenya with eight and Turkey with seven. Without proper identification, it’s very difficult to identify the victims.

For the first newcomer, this is a foreign place which can look very confusing with white tents all over the place and people wearing white robes for men and covered women. The Hajj authorities and Travel Agencies really had a hard time monitoring their own Jemaah.

There are two groups of lost people. The first consists of pilgrims that are lost temporarily and soon they find their families or go back to their own tour group. The second type consists of pilgrims that unable to return to their families because no one has come forward to search for them and these are handled by the police who take the necessary action.

Most people generally get lost between Asar and Isha prayers. About 40% of the total numbers of people lost are children. 35% are women and 25% are elderly people. Women easily get lost when they end up splitting up from their husbands or male relatives when going to pray in the women sections of the Grand Mosque. There are other factors such as overcrowding inside the Holy Mosque. Women generally get lost because stewards move them away from male prayer areas on to places designated for women. These women get separated from their families and end up losing their way .

Not many people that come from abroad are familiar with the Grand Mosque. Most cases that occur in the Grand Mosque tend to happen on the ground floor level. Very few people get lost outside in the courtyards. [Quoted from Arab News]

Raqib is the latest service from FAVORIOT to solve the problems pilgrims going to Mecca to perform their Hajj and Umrah. Problems such as missing pilgrims due to loss of direction in foreign places, people from all around the world with the danger of disease outbreaks, the complexity of managing a huge number of pilgrims, and the situation whereby cause anxiety to family members back home. Thus, Raqib provides a wearable device for pilgrims that can be monitored through mobile apps by their family members or through Pilgrim Monitoring System for the Hajj authorities or travel agencies


RAQIB Availability

RAQIB is now available in Malaysia. FAVORIOT has introduced the RAQIB Referral Program end of August 2018. Check out the RAQIB Resources for more details.

Raqib – Solution to Care and “Watch” The Pilgrims During Hajj and Umrah

March 20th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Raqib – Solution to Care and “Watch” The Pilgrims During Hajj and Umrah”

This year’s Haj will see more than two million Muslims converge in Makkah and its surrounding areas to perform the Haj pilgrimage.

Millions apply from Muslim-majority countries but due to a quota system, not everyone is able to come – the Saudi authorities usually allocate 1,000 places for each million Muslim per country.

The following graphic shows the top 10 countries who have the highest numbers of Haj pilgrims in 2017:

In Malaysia, the quota was increased by 12,000 in 2017 and a total of 42,200 (original quota 30,200) pilgrims was approved for the Haj. It’s also estimated the number of Malaysian Umrah pilgrims will keep on increasing as compared to 240,000 in 2017.

Many whom have performed their pilgrimage either Haj and Umrah will understand the difficulty when thousands or millions of people converge into one place. The challenges faced by the Authorities to manage the well-being of their own pilgrims either for health or safety.

Many are gone missing or will encounter lost a sense of direction when staying in a new place. A big mosque like Masjidilharam with many doors to enter and exit can be a nightmare to many old people or people who rarely travel from their hometown.

During the peak period of Haj when pilgrims travel to Arafat, Mudzalifah, and Mina whereby the men can only wear a white robe, the best and safest way to carry any communication device safely is by wearing only a “watch” rather than a smartphone. Health and security factor is the main concern in a packed area for a couple of days.

FAVORIOT has developed a solution that can help both the Haj/Umrah Travel Agencies or Authorities to monitor and care for the well-being of their pilgrims. The solution comprised of hardware (Raqib) and the software (mobile and desktop application to monitor the pilgrims). Below are the following benefits:

  1. The ability to monitor the pilgrim whereabouts
  2. Monitor their health condition (Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Activity, and Mood)
  3. Communicate with the Mutawif directly (or any pre-assigned contact phone numbers) in cases of emergencies or call to the pilgrims

If you are interested to know more and would like to register your interest in this solution which we called “Raqib“, please contact

RAQIB Availability

RAQIB is now available in Malaysia. FAVORIOT has introduced the RAQIB Referral Program end of August 2018. Check out the RAQIB Resources for more details.


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